15-Nov-2018Portland, OR+20 milesCats for Adoption
I adopted Prince when he was six weeks old for my daughter, then age 9. I love him dearly, but my daughter is now eighteen and has gone off to college, I am traveling more in my work, and I have developed an allergy to dear Prince. On the strong recommendation of his veterinarian, he has always been an indoor cat. He has a strong personality and seems to believe he rules the world. Ideally I d ...
I am a very cute girl - having had a full life in my very young age. I came into heat well before the normal age of six months and was a very stealthy little imp that got outside to meet the boys. My babies are now with their new families, I got my wa...
I could be considered a Maine Coon mixture with my gorgeous ruff of hair around my neck and other places typical of the breed. I also have a lot of the personality too...I like to follow you around and gets lots of loving and petting. I'm friendly to pe...
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Used only for a little less than 4 months. It still runs excellent and blows out lots of cold air. Building management says we can no longer have window ACs, only a portable ones with a hose that vents out the window. Im hoping to get a little bit of $ for this one to put toward a portable. Not looking for a high-end one thats why the $ ask is low on this one, NOT because its in any less than v...
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